Frequently Asked Questions


My business deals with international trade. What specific ways can Nexity Network help me?

How does your platform make dealing with different currencies easier?

I'm concerned about switching to a new system disrupting my current operations. How easy is it to get started with Nexity Network?

I'm a small business with limited resources. Is Nexity Network still a viable solution for me?

We trade a diverse range of products. Can your platform handle different types of assets?

Does Nexity Network replace the need for traditional trade intermediaries like freight forwarders and brokers?

We have existing long-term contracts with suppliers and logistics partners. Can we still use Nexity Network?

Our trade operations involve sensitive intellectual property. How does your platform safeguard these assets?

Do we need specialized technical expertise to operate Nexity's platform?

⁠⁠Security & Regulatory

How does Nexity Network secure my sensitive trade documents and data?

Does your platform help me stay compliant with regulations across different countries?

Has Nexity Network ever experienced a security breach or data loss?

Are there specific regulatory standards that Nexity Network complies with?

I don't fully understand blockchain technology. How do I know I can trust Nexity's system?

How does Nexity Network handle disputes or discrepancies among different trade participants?

In the instance of a security or compliance incident, what support does Nexity Network provide?

We operate in a heavily regulated industry. Does Nexity Network support specific compliance requirements?


Can I track the status of my trade transactions and shipments in real-time?

How does your technology help avoid mistakes or delays in the trade process?

My company already uses some trade software. Can your platform integrate with it?

Are there any reporting or analytics capabilities within the platform?

Do you offer different access levels and permissions for my team members?

Cost & Value

Can Nexity Network forecast potential delays or disruptions in the supply chain?

How often does Nexity Network update its platform with new features or security enhancements?

How does Nexity Network compare to traditional trade management costs?

Can I customize my subscription to match my specific business needs?

Can you show me a case study where a business significantly reduced costs using Nexity Network?

Do you offer a free trial or demo of your platform?

Are there any long-term contracts required or can I subscribe on a flexible basis?

Beyond cost savings, what additional value does Nexity Network offer compared to traditional methods?

Are there hidden costs or extra fees associated with your platform?

Do you provide any financial guarantees or service level agreements?